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Scourge of the XXI century
How to lose weight
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Obesity is the scourge of the XXI century (or how not fat and hungry)

<p align="center">	Obesity is the scourge of the XXI century 

(or how not fat and hungry)</p>
The perception of obesity has undergone extraordinary changes in the historical development of mankind. During the Middle Ages it was considered as the expression of high social status, then - the rare aesthetic problem. Nowadays, however, because of health risks due to hiding and continuous improvement of its incidence, it is defined as one of the most serious metabolic disorders.

But what, then obesity on a personal level for individuals?

- I feel bad, if not eaten, and even worse, having eaten

- No you are nearly new clothes, who dressed only a month or two, but as buying a new - or not your number or you stand ridiculously funny. Ultimately, you go to shop "Glant", where you skinned your skin with a smile, but you leave them fat ...

- Your personal life it has no because almost nobody likes дебелаците, among other дебелаци of course, but you do not like them. In fact, you yourself dislike. That you"re fat s does not mean that they know of beauty.

- For mild warming of the time, going to re sweating like a pig, the same applies to any retail exercise. This is bad because termoobmen body. Grease prevent heat release from the body, and then - almost physically feel how to concoct.

- The beaches because they hate having to strip off completely and know that not litsepriyatna view. For the same reason, drops and pools.

Mountain - also fell. Winter because an increase in the slope tion, usually ending in "Pirogov", and the summer - because climbing walking with a rucksack on your back, fat ass, pot and scraping are hams, remains only in the imagination.

- Constantly feeling pain in the waist, knees and ankles. This is because our joints are not designed to withstand this constant svrahtezhest. They deciphered genetically withstand much less. It should wear them quickly.

- Fat man with beautiful skin no. Due to excessive stretching and sometimes much higher than adaptativnite and opportunities. And even after drastic weight loss, it can not recover to its normal size and starts to hang, as an old coat on the body. This usually requires the services of cosmetic surgeons.

- Are the frequent guest and varicose veins. One can have them and without being thick, but almost every fat person has them. This is mainly due to the restraint of the legs and run from it, congestive kravoobmenni processes. Besides ugly sight and painful feelings, they can lead to blood clots, and hence to a heart attack.

- With regard to your sex life - there is just his tragedy! Finding a partner ka, often or almost always desperately difficult. Suitable for each other young people differ in life and in bed, because that one is obese. Due to the uniform standards of physical beauty, which we all slaves, if you accidentally happen to wake up to someone / her in the morning, your first thought is "She / he wants money, not me", if you"re not wealthy "It certainly did out of curiosity or regret" or look at and say "Oh, this guy / she is sick or / and or drunk / Oh, What a chance! "

- If your child, the situation is even more terrible. Unlike adults, who because of better education, or to not create unnecessary enemies, they do not offend, in children it is not true. "Dembi"," Shisho "nicknames, etc., are the mildest form of harassment. Sometimes leading to violent jokes and ill-treatment of the otherwise placid and good, but thick children, the only justification is "But he is tlastak" ... In time this leads to severe psychological problems and developments in children subjected to this outrage.

Put in a nutshell: The world is very narrow for fat people! Also cruel and unfair. And no matter how smart, funny and good for the rest are just FAT.
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